Sketchy Art & Custom Grafix


Are you in need of high quality, custom graphics for your racing team? Do you want to increase your sales at shows and events? Then you need dynamic, eye catching graphics on your truck, crew apparel and merchandise. You need Master of Faster.

Specializing in custom graphics, logos and crazy t-shirt designs for monster trucks, Master of Faster has helped build the brands of the top teams all across America for over 10 years.

Our passion for the sport and attention to detail enable us to design one of a kind graphics specific to your team and your truck. We work closely with you to better understand your art needs and will keep you informed and engaged throughout the entire design process.

Feel free to browse our site. Stay as long as you like, and remember everything you see here started with an idea, just like the one that’s in your head right now.
So if you’re ready to improve your brand recognition, sales at the merchandise stand and make a statement out on the track, contact us. We would love to help.

Jason Becker